Is It Smart to Wear Lace Wigs Everyday in 2024

Wigs have come a long way in recent decades. In the modern times they are no longer a luxury nor are they worn only out of necessity. While they may have started their lives centuries and even millenniums ago when kings, queens, and nobility in general wore them to show off their class and influence, modern wigs are as common as any other piece of fashion like clothing and accessories. Moreover, they are not exclusive to those with hair loss and other issues. Average people and celebrities wear them when they wish to change up their look and try out something new, meaning they are a true fashion statement.

For this very reason of wigs being so common and popular in the 21st century, it is important for the general public and especially wig enthusiasts to learn a thing or two about wearing them. Is it possible or smart to wear lace wigs every day and for how long should or could one wear a single one? To find answers to this and other questions, make sure to keep reading this article. If you are looking to find out more about lace wigs and order a new one for your collection, we encourage you to check at this website.

Can you Do It?


The short answer is yes, you can wear a lace wig every day for a decent amount of hours. However, the real question is should you, or rather, what you can do to make sure that everything goes well while you wear it. There is virtually no problem in wearing a wig each and every day but only if you take good and enough care of it.

Wigs need proper care, which comes in various different stages. From washing and drying to storing, it is all equally important fi you are looking to maintain its quality and strength, and more importantly life expectancy. Nowadays, people who wear wigs do wear them every day. Some alternate between a few models so that when one is being washed they have a few more to put on. This ensures that you always have at least one fresh and ready to equip.
If you are looking to get a new wig and wear it each day, or buy a new one and use it all the time, there are certain things you have to know, rules to follow, and tips to pay attention to. Luckily for you, you can read all of that in the next section.

How to Ensure you can Wear It Every Day

1. Buy the Right Size

Comfort is everything with wigs so make sure to get the right size when buying one. You can easily do that by properly measuring your head and comparing the sizes you get with those on the model you want. Not all heads are the same and neither are the wigs. If it is too large, it will keep slipping and sliding off despite the lace. In the opposite case of it being too small, it will pressure your head too much and feel uncomfortable and very tight. You do not want either of these so get the right size. While you are at it, browse until you find the perfect color, style, and length as well. There are numerous models on the market so there is no reason to rush and settle for a model you do not fully enjoy.

2. Wash it Regularly


Just like you would wash and otherwise take care of your real hair (and scalp), you have to wash the wig. Since it is made of real human hair, it also gets dirty, oily and wrinkly after a certain amount of time. However, since it is not connected to the head, it does not get the required nutrients and minerals from the scalp. This means you will have to take special care for it more often than your hair. Different factors determine how often you have to wash it. If you plan to wear one every day, you would have to wash it once a week at least. According to experts, a wig should be washed once every 9 or so wears. Now, if you wear it every day for more than a few hours without a break, it is highly advised you wash it once every 6 or 7 days. The types of shampoos and conditioners depend on the type and length of the hair. Therefore, ask and do research on the best products to use and make sure you also wash the lace and the cap.

3. Dry and Store Properly


When it comes to drying, you should use a blow dryer but not for too long, too close, or on too high of a setting. You will not ruin the hair as much as the lace and the cap with such amounts of heat. You could also let it dry out on a towel before putting it somewhere to air dry. The best place to hold wigs are mannequin heads or wig stands. Either of these should do a fine job, and you should keep the wig on while styling and drying it so that it keeps its shape at all times. When you are not wearing it, keep it away from the children and pets and place it somewhere secure, dry, and dark where nothing can come in touch with it and tangle the locks. Washing is as important as drying and storing so make sure you do all three of these properly and with the utmost attention to detail.

Bonus Advice

Invest in more than one wig that are of different style, color, and length. You will have it easier when washing one of them because you will be able to use others while the said one dries out. Also, you can go through multiple style changes rather quickly depending on where you need to go and what you wish to wear.

Never sleep in a wig as it is one of the best ways to ruin the locks and the lace. Place it on a stand or a head while you rest. Also, do not shower with it but always wash it separately.

Feel free to trim and dye it if it no longer suits your needs in its original color, shape and length.
Chlorine and salt will not damage the hair as you swim, but they are bad for the cap.

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