The Last of Us 2: February Release Date, Pre-orders and Spoilers

What could be more difficult than endless waiting for the game that supposes to come out but don’t know when it going to come out any sooner. The first part of the game came out for PS3 in 2013 and for PS4 in 2014. The last of us is an action-adventure survival horror video game that is developed by. The previous part of this game has won several awards regarding games graphics, best game, best human performed animation and many more.

The Last of Us 2 Release Date?

You must have heard a lot of rumors about the last of us release date, the official date has been declared. But many claim that the game going to release in the month of October. And other claims that the game going to come out at the beginning of 2024. The truth is the game will be released in the month of February. Fans who were desperate to know the date get your pre-orders now from the official website.

Compatibility for The last of us part 2 game?

Many say it will be released for ps4 and ps5. But to clear that news, the game will not be released on Ps5 rather it will be seen in ps4 and ps4 pro. The trailer for PS3 came out in 2013 for the first part of the game and for ps4 it came out in the month of July 2014. Whereas, the trailer for the second installment was released in 2016 but the fans are dried out just by waiting for the game.

The Last of Us 2 confirmed

There will eve on Tuesday which was announced by the twitter official of Naughty Dog. on September 24,  the State of Play will be aired from 1 pm PDT / 4 pm EDT / 9 pm BST. Playstation user will be able to join this event, though there is no mention of Ps5 users, possibly they won’t be able to join this event. In this event, there will be a media event for The last of us 2 which as confirmed by the naughty dog a couple of weeks ago.

Spoilers for the last of us 2

Texan smuggler basically condemned humanity to extinction by stopping the Fireflies from carrying out a deadly operation on Ellie which might have created a cure for the Cordyceps Brain Infection. Despite of father and daughter conflict, he going to save his surrogate daughter’s life for sure.

Frequently Asked Questions | The Last of Us 2 Release Date

Q: What will happen on Tuesday?

A: State of Play held by sony where media event will happen about The last of Us 2.

Q: what is the last of us 2 release date?

A: Not officially announced by the developers but the predictions say later year probably before end 2024

Bottom Line

Here is the thing, do not fall for any fake news or a false alarm, because there is an official announcement of the Last of Us 2 release date 21 February for now. However, as the developer of the game has started to tease out the posters and events on twitter lately, there are possibilities that the game will be on your PlayStation in the end month of this year. What do you think? When you are expecting this game to be released. Tell us your opinion in the comment box below.

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