How to Train Your Dog – 2024 Guide

Once your pet dog has arrived in your home, you should immediately start training him or her as per your needs and liking. You might think about hiring a trainer or joining classes to train your dog, however, in all circumstances, there are some tips that you must adhere to. In all actuality training is an extremely overpowering venture which you can also learn about on PetLifeWorld.

Training your pappy is rewarding. It is an excellent way to form a durable and long-lasting bonding with your dog. It will also help you in building a healthy relationship with the pet. Whether your pet is young or old, it needs training of basic commands. Teaching your pappy some of the basic obedience acts like wait, sit, stand, and come back gives them the freedom and opportunity to do simple things like coming with you to meet your family members and staying under control. Dogs are intelligent animals and they love to learn when you train them with love and affection. In addition to making the pets civilized, training also kills their boredom.

Naming the Dog


You must choose his name wisely and then also stay respectful while calling it. When you have named the puppy, you will be able to ease off the training process. Better adopt a name that has a strong consonant at the end. For example, you can call him Rock, Buck, Jasper, and Ginger. If you are adopting a newborn puppy, naming him is a piece of cake. However, if you are adopting an older puppy who already has a name, you still can change its name without a problem. If you are taking him from a shelter, he will have a temporary name just for the sake of identity. If you are getting a breeder, he will have a long name which you can shorten or change it altogether.

Please note that if the puppy has been recently rescued from an abusive environment, you should change its name right after you receive it in your home. It will give your puppy a fresh start. It will as he starts responding to his new name.

The Method


The theory behind the training is straightforward. Whatever you feed to your dogs, the dogs will repeat it back. If you behave well, they will behave well. If you behave badly, they will behave badly. Bad behavior should not be rewarded and good behavior should not go empty of reward. This is how you can make corrections to the behavior of your pet.

If you want to make any corrections to the behavior of your pet, you remove the rewards like hiding its toys and removing the treats. Please note that you must not incline toward harsh punishments and reprimands. This kind of training method starts with rewarding the desired behavior within seconds after its happening.

Positive reinforcement demands consistency therefore everyone in the house from old to young needs to use some commands. The reward system should also be the same throughout the house or the dog will be confused.

Socialize your dogs


Socialization means that you should train your puppies and adult dogs so that they are ready and willing to welcome new people, places, and animals in their lives. You can achieve this by exposing them to all the things, places, and people you want in their lives. If you have successfully socialized your dog, they will be less likely to develop behavioral issues. Also, other people will be highly likely to welcome them. Socialization will also help your pappy stay away from phobias and fears. Your dog will be happy, healthy, and well-behaved.



This is the last step in the training session of your dog. You must learn how to proof a behavior so that your dog will act as obediently at your friend’s home and a park as it does in your own house, or to be more precise, in your living room. Even when you have trained your dog for its socialization and habits, behavioral issues are likely to crop up.

  • Proofing behaviors is about practicing similar behaviors in different situations that contain different levels of distraction. In the absence of proofing, your dog is likely to behave well in your house but he is likely to behave differently when you are out of your house.
  • You must teach your dog self-control by telling him that nothing in the world is free. The pappy should know that he has to earn his food and attention by obeying your orders in different situations. If he misses that, you should deprive him of food.
  • The best method for proofing the behavior of your dog is to understand his potential behavior issues. It will help you address the issues before the situation gets out of control.

Discourage biting

If your dog bites, do not scold him. The best way to discourage this behavior is to pretend that his biting has given you great pain. He will be surprised and will immediately stop. If this doesn’t work, you can try giving him a chew toy. If everything fails, you can break up his biting behavior by ignoring him.

Advanced Training


Once your dog masters the basic training, you can try out advanced tricks like playing with him and training him to take a walk with you or even run with you. Physical activities will keep your dog fit, active, and mentally stimulated. It will help you strengthen your bond with the dog.

The trickiest thing about dog training is that it goes on. There is no solid period. You have to keep things fresh in the mind of your dog. Remember that humans too forget things when they stop practicing something. People forget their mother language if they stop speaking for a long time. Dogs forget things faster than humans do.

The concluding note is that you should end each training session by using encouraging words and phrases like, ‘Good job!’ He has worked as per your wishes and instructions that’s why he needs encouragement. You will notice that he will work harder to please you next time you train him.

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