5 Inspiring Ways to Use Neon Lights in Your Living Room

Summer is slowly coming to an end and we need to slowly prepare for autumn. Autumn will not only give us more time to enjoy the home, but it will also put an end to all the obligations that are outside the home, which means that you will be able to dedicate more time to the home and its arrangement. When we say that you will be able to dedicate yourself more to the decoration of the home, we primarily mean the cleanliness and arrangement of all things in the home, but here we can also make changes in the living room or in any part of the home.

Special changes are needed and it is recommended to make more often in the living room because most of the day every person spends there watching TV or sitting with their loved ones. But what change could you make in the living room? Maybe add some neon lights? Hmmm…

The living room, as we have already said, is the place in the home where most of the day is spent. This is especially true during the autumn and winter when the weather outside does not allow much time to be spent outdoors, so most people are all at home. The living room is the space of the home that has the most potential to be arranged. It can change a lot from removing or adding furniture, changing the position of the furniture, adding some accessories to make the space look more beautiful, and even adding lighting is a great idea to make a change in the space.

From our interview with Chris from VoodooNeon.com we now know that nneon lights don’t necessarily need to be only bright – they can also soften a space, and make the ambiance and comfort level feel more warm. It sounds counter-intuitive but we’ve tested it and it turns out its correct!

As an ideal thing for making a change of this type, we would single out neon lights. Neon lights are lighting that has great potential and many uses, especially when it comes to changes in the living room. So let’s see what neon lights are and how you can fit them in the living room remodel. Find out more about this in the rest of this article.

What are neon lights?

Source: mymove.com

Today you can see different types of lighting and marking or decorating the space everywhere. But none of them are even close to neon lights. Neon lights are a classic that will never go out of style. They used to be used by the biggest brands to advertise in the most prominent locations around the cities, and the best example of such ads with neon lights are the ads from the 70s that were in Times Square.

Today these lights are more used as an ornament for the spaces, but what kind of lights are they actually? These are special glass shapes in which today are most often found LEDs or cold gas that actually gives strong light. Lately, these lights are very popular for decorating cafes, restaurants, bars, and are increasingly popular for decorating homes. They are especially in demand for decorating living rooms, and if you are also interested in implementing these lights in your living room, but you have no idea, we bring you some ideas below.

5 ways to incorporate neon lights into your living room

Since the living room is the place where you spend more time during the day, that is why it is necessary to make changes in order for the space to remain interesting and attractive to sit in. Neon lights seem to be a great solution for making changes in the living room. So let’s see how this type of lighting fits into that space. In addition, we bring you 5 suggestions that we believe you will like and that you will implement one of them.

1. You can decorate the space around the pictures on the walls

Source: trendir.com

To make the atmosphere in the home more interesting, and especially in the living room, we suggest you make a change in the surroundings where the pictures that are hung on the walls are. We suggest you place neon lights around them and decorate them that way. Apart from decorating the space, you will also give them better lighting, which will make them more visible to anyone who wants to see them even in the dark.

2. Place a neon bulb behind the chest of drawers for a better feeling while watching TV

To get a nicer and more cinematic feeling, we suggest placing a neon bulb behind the TV. Let the color be your choice, but we would still suggest it to be a white color that will emphasize the space around the TV and will give a different spirit to the space that is provided for enjoying the television content.

3. Place a sign made of neon lights on one of the walls to give a slightly cool look to the space

Source: customneon.com

It is also possible to place a neon sign on one of the walls in the living room. The sign can be of your choice, and the colors of the lights can also be of your choice. All you have to do is design the light sign, figure out the colors you want the sign to have, order it from one of the places that make signs like Sculpt Neon Signs, and once you get it set it up. on the wall and enjoy the atmosphere.

4. You can place neon lights on the floor moldings

Around the walls, there are moldings that are designed to separate the wall and the floor.  You can add another accessory around these moldings. That will improve the atmosphere in the home, and that is the neon lights. Simply place them around and enjoy the ambiance that this light will give you.

5. You can even decide to place some of these lights on the ceiling of the room

Source: comedowntothewoods.com

So you do not need to turn on the standard lighting, we advise you to decorate the living room with neon lights that you will place on the ceiling. It will improve the feeling when you sit in the room at night, but it will also improve the atmosphere. The ideas we had for arranging this part of the home are in front of you, and now it is up to you to decide where and how you will place these interesting lights. We are very curious about which idea you will like the most…

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