5 Ways to Decorate Your Room With Bamboo Forest Wallpaper in 2024

Although you may not know it, wallpapers have been incessantly popular for almost 300 years. Ever since the first wallpaper printing machines were made in the late 18th century, we can see them everywhere. They adorned the ballrooms in the palaces, but also the houses of ordinary people, equally. Some of the main reasons why they are so popular is that they give a very nice look to the room, and we can also change them whenever we want. In addition to all that, they are protecting the wall on which they are located, as a kind of protection that is glued over.

Bamboo forest

Nowadays you can have any design you want on your wallpaper. Floral and plant motifs are among the most popular because they make your room a real Zen oasis. If you too have decided to create a Zen oasis inside your house, then bamboo forest motifs are an ideal choice. But there are a lot of ways you can decorate a room using such a design. If the rest of the room does not fit nicely with these motifs, it will not get the desired look. Most people just decide to want such wallpapers, without first thinking in detail how to make everything fit as well as possible. It is not just something you are going to place on a wall, especially if it is such a specific motif in question, like the bamboo forest.  If you need help with decoration, then this is the right article for you.

Ways to decorate

1.Feature wall

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The feature wall is a very popular trend in home decoration. As its name suggests, it is one wall in the room that is particularly highlighted by how it is decorated. It will be a focal point and then you will decorate the rest accordingly. It is also important that you do not create two focal points, but that it is the only one. Since you have decided for a bamboo forest, then it would be best to decorate the rest of the room accordingly. If you don’t want to make the whole room that way, then make at least the part around the feature wall. It is not some subtle motif with which anything can be combined. So put a chest of drawers or something similar next to that wall that fits because of its color and texture and everything you put on it should not deviate from the overall look. Feel free to use things made of bamboo.

2. Two walls, two different wallpapers

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This is a very unconventional and bold approach to decorating and is only suitable for modern apartments and houses. You can combine bamboo forest on one side and something else with the adjacent wall. Let it not be something that is completely different from bamboo forest, and yet it should not be something too similar. You can put a corner sofa set in that place, which will contribute to a great design. However, do not put the TV there, because it can be difficult for you to watch a TV program with such colorful motives behind. The most important thing is to be careful how you match the colors, so that everything does not look like a museum of Salvador Dali. Still, if you want something that few have, go ahead with it. There are companies that specialize in wallpaper, and one of them is Wallmur. Visit their websites and you will surely get an idea of what would be ideal to combine with the basic motif you have chosen.

3. Wallpaper on half the wall

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This is great choice for all those who like a more moderate design. Instead of covering the entire wall, do it with only half the wall. You will still get the bamboo forest you want, but it will look more like a detail than something that dominates the whole design. With only partial wallpaper, you will more easily fit furniture, carpets, curtains and everything else you need. You will create a mixture between a classic look and a more modern approach. It will seem as if your living room has a door leading into a beautiful forest. With this move, you will achieve an extremely relaxing effect, which is probably what you wanted in the first place.

4. Cover everything completely

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This was a classic use wallpaper, which was most popular in the 70s of last century, but lasted until the beginning of the new millennium. Then it became out, but is slowly getting back into fashion. You probably know that back then the interiors of most houses were completely covered with wallpaper, usually floral motifs. In the UK, the rose motif was especially popular. However, be careful if you want everything to be covered in bamboo forest. This will give a very strange look to the room, because these are modern 3D wallpapers, not old ones, which did not have a 3D look. However, you can make a very attractive room, if you combine all that with furniture and a bamboo table. Generally if you decide for this, you must take care of everything, even to the smallest detail, otherwise it will not look nice.

5. Cover the ceiling

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We are sure that this idea did not occur to you. In this way you can completely change the look of the room and give a very unusual, yet attractive look. Imagine how nice it will be for you to see something so beautiful when you raise your head, instead of seeing a cracked ceiling. This also has a very practical application, precisely because it often happens that the ceiling cracks and it looks very ugly. And you won’t paint the whole house just to cover a few cracks. Just so you know, don’t try to stick wallpaper on the ceiling yourself. When it comes to the wall, you can usually do it yourself, but this is too complicated. So to make it turn out the way you envisioned, leave it to the professionals.


These are some of our suggestions that you will surely like and that you can safely apply when you decorate. Still, this is something where your taste and your idea are most important, so don’t be afraid to experiment.

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