Ways Apps Can Help In Keeping You Motivated

We all need a little help in staying motivated. This motivation could be required for doing chores, working out, or completing daily tasks at work. Whenever you need help for staying focused and motivated, all you need is your smartphone and a productivity app. There is a whole list of apps that offer inspiration, track your habits, help meditate, and give the right advice to keep you productive all day.

How Do Apps Keep You Motivated?

Apps are available in a variety of categories. Some are niche-oriented while some are detailed. Some offer pre-set programming. For instance, they let you set a reminder to pay the monthly bill to your Spectrum mobile plans on time, click here for more details. Some are general but all of them have quantifiable tracking tools and reminders for anyone trying to stay focused and meet personal goals.

When you successfully find an app that works for you, it will help develop and maintain healthy behavior. You will be taking baby steps towards achieving the final goal.

As you make new choices to achieve an outcome, you are changing the brain’s pattern that has been engraved for years. Productivity and motivational apps make you stop and look at what you want and identify what’s blocking you from achieving your goals. You will learn there are some triggers that keep you pulling back towards the safe and familiar ways of doing things.

These apps provide accountability and motivate you to keep going. Once you see the progress, you will get pumped to keep going.

Top Motivation Apps to Download Now

I have pulled together a list of some useful motivation apps to help you stay on track. Take a look:

1: My Wonderful Days Journal

Source: so.ixigua.com

Sometimes, you need a basic app where you can jot down your feelings and thoughts to see how they change over time. In times like these, My Wonderful Days Journal, the free app has your back.

The app captures an icon representing emotion. The user writes simple notes to keep track of their positive and negative emotions. These emotions can make or break motivation. This helps you remember all opportunities for growth and happiness and stay motivated towards achieving goals.

2: MindMeister

Source: apkrig.com

When you are struggling to get organized, it’s probably because you haven’t organized your thoughts. What you need is a to-do list for following a roadmap and feeling confident about making progress.

Use MindMeister for developing custom mind maps and create a visual connection between your goals, tasks, and thoughts. You may also write custom notes for diving deeper into each item. Use colors to keep track of everything.

3: Beeminder

Source: apkrig.com

This app puts your money where your mouth is by letting you set goals, make monetary pledges, and track your progress. It plots progress via data points on a yellow road.

What if you are falling behind? The app will charge you based on the pledge. Beeminder is perfect for those who want to train themselves for sticking with a goal.

4: HabitBull

Source: verywellmind.com

HabitBull tracks and monitors up to 5 personalized goals. Set deadlines, set reminders, jot down commitments, and set weekly goals with this app.

It will take you back to elementary school times. It’s highly visual so you will enjoy using it. HabitBull has a task-busting approach that helps one stay motivated. It continues to boost your mood by sending motivational quotes each day. You won’t lose sight of your goals.

5: Done

Source: apps.apple.com

This app isn’t just good-looking, it actually lets you get things done. Done uses satisfying color coordination to help you succeed. It’s for all those who struggle with time management, have a hard time focusing on tasks, or stay organized.

Done holds the user accountable by letting them track any 3 goals. The dashboard shows monthly and yearly snapshots. It also highlights success streaks for motivation.

6: Alarmy

I would call this app a noisy motivator. It lets you schedule alarms that play highly disturbing sounds. And they won’t stop unless you perform an action.

Once the alarm is one, there are 3 options for turning off the alarm:

  • Take a picture of a room other than your bedroom before setting the alarm. When the alarm hits off, it can only stop if you go to the designated room and take a picture. So it’s best to have the picture beforehand.
  • Shake the phone for a while before the alarm hits.
  • Solve a simple match problem to stop the noise.

Alarmy can be highly annoying. It’s best to evaluate if this app will work for you because many users end up deleting it.

7: Fabulous

Source: design.google

This app keeps tabs on all self-care intentions. It holds you accountable by focusing on the journey towards the goal. It breaks down large goals into small chunks and builds seasonable habits.

It also lets you set habit reminders such as drinking 8 ounces of water, mediation, and other self-care routines to help you improve your lifestyle. Fabulous will get you hooked on good habits. Fabulous is a free app so do try it out.

8: Habitify

Source: habitify.me

It’s a straightforward app that lets you keep track of your habits. Habitify features a bullet journaling technique to stay organized and categorize your goals. These categories could be related to health, finance, productivity, and more.

You should be able to record growth and keep track of the progress. There is a community option through which you can join groups of your interests. Have conversations with others and pick up their ideas and tips. There is no harm in sharing tips that worked for you. It feels good to talk to someone who is on the same journey as you.

Final Words

While these motivation apps are wonderful and great for habit building, nothing will work unless you are ready and willing to make changes in your lifestyle.

Remember, motivation comes from within. You have got to wire your brain and train it to stay on track. Pick the app that aligns with your goal and get ready for a transformation.

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