How To Avoid Injuries When Doing Junk Removal

Make no mistake, junk removal isn’t one of the easiest things to be done with lifting just one finger. Or would that actually be possible? More or less, it would be, indeed. If you had a friend to help you out as well as some special equipment. You could avoid heavy lifting also with the disassembly of the bulky items. Alternatively, there’s always the choice to call a professional junk removal service. They do the heavy lifting for you and you really only have to lift one finger: to give them a call. Visit this site to get an instant quote!

The Small Items Don’t Matter


At least the small items don’t matter as much. Those are usually rather easy to carry outside to the curb or into your trunk. A chair or a box of assorted junk items rarely ever imposes a theoretical threat to your health. However, if you do handle a box of glass, you may want to remain careful. If you dropped it, you could cut yourself at the shards. At best, you organize the smaller items into boxes. If you had a dolly, you could place the boxes onto it and bring them safely outside. With it, heavier boxes with old books, for example, are not as heavy anymore either. Imagine how painful it’d be if you dropped such a box and it landed on your toe! As you can see, a dolly will be an incredibly useful item for your junk removal.

You Could Still Drop Items… Onto Your Feet

As helpful as dolls are, it’d be wise to use moving straps. Moving straps let you secure the load of whatever you place onto your dolly. If you put slightly larger items onto a dolly, the items could still drop. Areas such as an uneven floor or stairs are particularly difficult to handle also with a dolly. One wrong step and the load falls off. You’d be lucky if the load only bumped into other furniture you have in your home. But as you try to avoid injuries to yourself, you may also want to minimize possible damages in your surrounding. It’s best to secure the load on your dolly also if you want to sell or donate the items. New dents may lead the buyer to draw back and charities could refuse to accept it.

Handle The Heavy Stuff at Ease


Most problematic during a junk removal are those really big items that are too heavy to handle; Most of the time, such items cannot be carried by two people comfortably either. A third person in the process is likely to mess up the process. Whoever carries that big bulky old china cabinet may break his foot or back. Fortunately, there are furniture sliders. They allow you to move any heavy items around at ease without damaging your floor. With the furniture sliders there usually comes a tool that helps you to lift the four corners of the item. Just slip one of the sliders underneath and there you go. You could pull around a side-by-side fridge as if you had a magic potion providing you with superpowers.

Take Apart What Can Be Taken Apart

Any item you plan to throw out for your junk removal is easier to handle once you disassemble it. Large items may require to be cut into smaller pieces with a saw. Please wear heavy-duty gloves as you haul it out. There could be splinters that will result in nasty injuries. A splinter won’t cause a life-threatening injury or one that would require you to stay in hospital. But you won’t be able to lift anything else once you have one in your finger. At the same time, the disassembly could result in other pointy edges that could cut you. Worse even, they could stab you. Keep in mind, the disassembly is best only to be applied with items you definitely want to toss.

Let The Pros Handle It


A junk removal hardly ever is a job for one person, despite all the helpful tools you can get these days. Also consider if that one junk removal from your property will be worth it to invest in dollies, moving straps, and furniture sliders. You can certainly make use of them again – at some point. Until then those helpful tools will only gather dust and probably are thrown out with the next spring clean. Furthermore, keep in mind that junk removal does require quite some effort.

Bringing all the junk to a dumping site yourself or also to donation centers eats away at your time. A professional junk removal service deals with hauling out the most impossible items on a daily basis. They have the experience, they don’t come around alone and they have the tools.

Parting Words

You don’t have to bring anything extra. Instead, the junk removal service will take it out from right where it is. Additionally, they take care of it that any items in good shape are donated. The other stuff goes to recycling facilities first without you having to worry one bit.

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