5 Instagrammable Garden Ideas

The trend of Instagram gardens is now picking up steam, and you don’t want to be left behind. If your passion involves plants, flowers, and showing them off, there are many ideas that can help you out. They typically involve nouveau arrangements, cleaning up, and using the right color scheme to blend everything together for picture perfection. For those who want to make the biggest splash, though, more radical methods will be needed.

Aside from the inevitable wonder of the images you will post, though, this is a great way to experiment. Gardening can be a lot more than cultivating shrubs and flowers until they grow up strong enough. It is also an activity that can push your creative spirit and your boundless imagination. Below are some ideas you can leverage on to become a leading figure in revolutionizing gardening trends on Instagram:

1. Tiny Gardens

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Right now, one of the biggest issues pertaining to gardening is the matter of limited space in apartments and homes. Without enough room to work with, it can be difficult to create the kind of gardens that fit traditional notions. To that end, miniature gardens are now picking up steam thanks to how they address this particular problem. You can find more ideas on the www.livingwateraeration.com.

By cultivating various blooms, vegetables, succulents, and more in micro spaces, it still adds greenery to your residence. You can experience the joys of raising flowers and plants in pots, planters, and other containers that will save space. Depending on how you arranged the area where you placed them, this could create a picturesque scene. This is then what you will be posting on Instagram to attract views, likes, new followers, and comments.

2. Balcony Garden

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For those living in apartments in urban areas, their balconies are pretty much their only option for gardening. The usual solution that people choose is pots and planters, but there are more to choose from. Setting up shelves on the walls of the balcony will give you a lot more space to fill up. The same goes for having crisscrossed or checkered structures that will facilitate the climb of creeping vines.

If you are serious about having a garden in your apartment, this is a worthy idea to consider. The most important factor to this, though, is how it can give you the opportunity to show off. After all, if you are able to introduce this idea to your friends and followers, it will gain traction. You could then build on that by doing the same to your neighbors’ or your friends’ balconies.

3. Unique Planters

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There are plenty of options with regard to planters and pots that are available in the market to choose from. With that said, they can be rather boring and plain, which will not make them that good for Instagram. You want to make every part of your garden stand out and pots and planters are part of that garden. As such, you’ll want to be more creative about it by using containers that will cut through the crowd.

You can start with a watering can, which is one of the classic unconventional planters used by gardeners. It would be ideal if the planter was made of metal and if it was either rusted or looks rusty. You can accomplish the latter by painting it clay brick red and you want this to add authenticity. Other suggestions include baskets, tiny wheelbarrows, damaged copper pots, and so on.

4. Micro Flowers, Greens, and Plants

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Mini gardens are fine and all, but there is a certain charm to seeing tiny vegetables, fruits, and flowers. Cultivating microgreens has been a popular trend for the health-conscious for a while, especially and it is still going strong. The idea is to grow miniature variants of popular vegetables like mustard, kale, arugula, and many more. This is done by either harvesting them before maturity or choosing the versions that were engineered to be small.

The great thing about micro plants is that they can be manipulated with ease since they are so small. As a result, you can place them anywhere, pair them with any background, or zoom in and out with no problems. The flowers are even more perfect for taking photos since you can use special effects to make the blooms seem bigger. This would then distort the impressions of your viewers and they will become more intrigued with what you are showing.

5. Water Gardens

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Gardens and water go together like peanut butter and jelly, so why not try and incorporate this element? Some of the most common attempts at doing so involve waterfalls, fountains, water shrines, and so on. While those might sound like a good idea, they can require quite a bit of maintenance and care to work. As such, why not go with something like a small pond, instead?

This pond can be made from scratch and can be populated with plants or marine life if you want. You could also use these ponds to further accent your plants, which you can place on a floating platform. You can get these from a reputable floating platform manufacturer and many of them can even customize your platform to your needs. You can then show off your floating microgreens, unique planters, or cactus flower in the middle of the pond. Check hiseadock.com for more information.


Instagram gardens are becoming popular because people want to see how beautiful gardens can become when cultivated the right way. Your methods could inspire others to start their own gardens and feel the joy of growing plants too. Using the ideas discussed here can spread your influence far and wide.

This would then allow you to gain a lot of traction on the social media site. At the same time, you could touch people’s lives in a real way.

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