Morning or Evening Dubai Desert Safari – The Better Choice?

Housing world-class infrastructures, skyscrapers and most famous tourist attractions, the emirate of Dubai welcomes a huge number of international visitors every year.

Among various other things, the emirate has garnered international fame due to the extravagant and full of adventure desert safari trip. A one of its kind expedition, Dubai desert safari received honours in the Tripadvisor’s 2024 Travellers’ Choice Awards.

Offering an array of activities, it is enjoyed by people of all ages. For the convenience and comfort of guests, Dubai desert safari companies offer different packages and deals. Among them, morning and evening desert safari deals are quite famous among safari-fans.

Both these deals come with their own set of perks. Let’s take a look at them:

Morning Dubai Desert Safari

Morning desert safari is one of the most popular desert safari deals in Dubai. As its name suggests, it begins early in the day and lasts for about 6 hours. It is suitable for early risers and encapsulates numerous fun activities and attractions for everyone.

Why Should You Pick Morning Desert Safari?

Take a look at some of the reasons why you should select this Dubai desert safari deal:

Allows More Room for Exploring Dubai


Needless to say, Dubai is full of places that attract tourists from across the globe. However, most people visit this emirate for a limited number of days, which are certainly not enough to explore every attraction. Thus, dedicating an entire day for desert safari in Dubai may not seem to be a feasible idea for many. This is why a lot of people opt for the morning deal. As it starts early, they have plenty of time to explore the desert and come back to their hotel room before the sun sets. Then, they can spend the rest of the day, exploring the city life of Dubai.

Less Crowd

Morning desert safari isn’t usually crowded as the weather tends to be a bit harsh during the day time. Thus, if you are someone who wants to enjoy this expedition without being surrounded by too many people, this deal is the right one for you. Simply, gather your friends and embark on this journey that promises unlimited fun, without having to worry about facing the crowd.

Enjoy Desert Lifestyle in its Full Glory

The morning package of Dubai desert safari allows the guests to enjoy the beauty of the desert in its full glory. The shining sand dunes in the middle of the day will paint a very appealing picture that is going to stay etched in your memories forever.

Various Activities


Morning desert safari in Dubai has a lot in store for the guests. Visitors can enjoy red dunes drive for an extended period along with sandboarding and ATV bike rides. There will be camel trekking and various other activities as well. However, bear in mind that some activities may not be part of the standard package. Guests will have to pay extra for them. Also, these activities vary from desert safari company to company in Dubai.

The Flipside

The only thing missing in the morning desert safari deal is the majestic views of the sun setting in the desert. They are truly marvellous. Other than that, live BBQ bonfire isn’t part of this package. However, breakfast is included. Each guest is provided with a packed box of breakfast items.

Evening Dubai Desert Safari

A favourite of tourists, evening desert safari in Dubai with, starts after the afternoon. Guests can reach their home/hotel rooms before midnight. Depending on the package they have selected, guests are either picked up from their locations of centralised pick-up spots.

Why Should Pick Evening Desert Safari?

These are some of the reasons why you should opt for evening desert safari:

Moderate Weather

The temperature in Dubai starts decreasing as time passes. Thus, the sun rays aren’t as harsh as in the morning. This makes the evening desert safari more suitable for people who are hesitant due to the climate condition. Having said that, it is still recommended to take along essentials such as sunglasses, sunscreen etc.

The Stunning Views of Sunset


Without any doubt, this is the focal feature of the evening deal. The stunning views of the sunset are certainly not to be missed. You wouldn’t find such views anywhere else.

The Scrumptious BBQ Dinner

Food lovers are in for a treat if they have opted for the evening desert safari deal. As part of this deal, live BBQ buffet dinner is arranged for guests at the campsite. It is a three-course meal that includes traditional Arab-style food, which is prepared live on site. The freshness and aroma of this food are unmatchable. Options for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians are available.

Activities and Live Shows

Apart from the fun-filled activities such as dune bashing, sandboarding, camel ride, photography in Arab costume, evening deal also includes live shows. For the entertainment of guests, belly dance performances and Tanoura shows are organised at the campsite.

Low Cost


As compared to the morning deal, evening desert safari deals are often priced lower. However, this greatly depends on the package you have selected. Furthermore, rates also vary from company to company.

The Flipside

The only flipside of evening desert safari is that it can become too crowded at times. Other than that, this deal is perfect for everyone to enjoy the beauty of the desert and explore the traditional Arab lifestyle.

Final Verdict

In a nutshell, both morning and evening desert safari have a lot to offer for guests. Regardless of the deal you have selected, you will be able to make some unforgettable memories during this journey.

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