Rainwater –Filtered by Nature 2024

Usually, when we pay attention to the clouds, it is because of the effect on the local weather or maybe because of the pretty sunset behind these clouds. Clouds affect us every day even if the sky is clear blue. The clouds that can be seen by the naked eye are an important component of a complex weather system.

These clouds play a key role in sustaining the water cycle of the earth. They carry huge amounts of fresh water. This fresh and pure water is drinkable. It is naturally filtered during the water cycle. When a huge amount of water is gathered in these clouds, it is dropped as precipitation. It depends on the properties of the climate of a certain area that when and where these clouds are formed.

However, it can be harvested using natural means. Clouds can have dramatic effects on climate, the temperature of the earth as a whole is affected by clouds. By understanding clouds, severe storms, heavy rainfalls, and the global distributions of freshwaters can be predicted. Also, this freshwater can be consumed for drinking and benefits us with natural minerals.

The actual question arises from where this water is coming into the atmosphere and how it is precipitated in the form of rain droplets? Mother Nature answers this question quite amazingly. These droplets or ice crystals that are formed from the water vapors in the atmosphere are consumed from that particular area itself. The main sources of these vapors are evaporation and transpiration. The water molecules are evaporated from soil, plants, leaves, and the surface of oceans. They are always present in the atmosphere even on the hottest summer day however they cannot be seen or felt but air contains it. This freshwater is evaporated through plants and soil when the sun heats the earth’s surface.

The natural means of water contains healthy minerals and nutrients. It has more benefits than other water sources. These water vapors gather by the heat from clouds. These clouds, later on, release drinkable rainwater by precipitation. Where rain helps us to beat the heat, it also provides a great source of pure drinking water.

Why bottled rain-water matters?

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Increasing issues of clean drinking water have made the life of the public so difficult. Water acts as a lifesaver because it not only helps in quenching our thirst but also our household work and body functions depend on it. Every aspect of life starts and ends with water. Our daily routines and survival are impossible without it. It’s a miracle drink used multiply for multiple tasks and functions. Increasing water pollution resulted in assess of the uncontaminated liquid that is full of toxic chemicals and pollutants. Increasing pollution made the public bound to use the bottled liquid.

Health is the number one priority of every person and everyone wants to provide the best to themselves, their children, and family. When the issue of water contamination started, people started boiling it for use. They used to boil and fill up a lot of bottles for drinking purposes. Many people installed a filtration system at homes, offices, buildings, etc. to save themselves from this issue. But this is not easy to get through a lot of hassles daily. Even the filter system is not too dependable because, after some time, you might have to change and clean it daily so that liquid coming through remains pure. The problems of the modern world require advanced solutions so the concept of bottled water came. This is one of the convenient and easily available sources for getting a pure and healthy drink for you and your family. There are so many companies and brands that are offering bottled liquid and they deliver directly at your home and workplace.

This has created much ease in the life of people who are busy with their daily chores. Before this service, people were bound to go and collect filter bottles and boiling it at home is another big task. Water intake and the pollution issue cannot be denied and taken for granted because this issue causes a lot of stomach problems and affects body systems. Polluted water causes diarrhea and many other diseases in human bodies. The working of tiny cells, tissues, and organs depend on water as well. Our bodies are mainly water so one should give the best to their bodies to perform body functions at best.

Plastic Bottled water is a scam and health hazard

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Most of the companies fill tap water in low quality plastic bottles. It is not only full of toxic chemicals but also greatly affected by BPA released by the plastic bottle itself. Even if the water is filtered, it can absorb and dissolve this chemical and waste the whole purifying process. One should look for a plastic bottle alternative, which can be aluminum. Rainwater which is collected naturally from the clouds before it comes in contact with the ground, collected, then purified, and package in eco-friendly bottles is the ideal solution. Browse this site for more info.

Luxurious bottled drink serving at your doorstep

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One can immediately explain any taste, odor, or color disparity in water. The taste of pure water stands out. Luxurious bottled water is a source of chilly and crisp taste that makes one crave more and encourage the intake of water. To ensure luxury, it is delivered at your doorstep anywhere anytime.

BPA free water; heaven for body

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Plastics are causing drastic and harmful effects on our bodies and environment. It is extremely dangerous for our bodies. It contains harmful chemicals that harm the body and other lives on the planet like wildlife and life under the lakes, sea, and rivers. It takes so much time to decompose and tons of plastic is dumped and thrown into the sea and oceans which is causing the end of marine life. Many fish and other sea animals die underground because of the plastic. It uses a lot of energy in causing damage to society. Most of the water brands use plastic for packaging but newly introduced aluminum packaging is strong, durable, and reusable. It can be recycled using little energy. The liquid in it remains safe and cold even in hot summers. Plastic bottles emit dangerous rays in the sun so they shouldn’t be used. Aluminum bottles keep liquid cold and safe while maintaining the taste of the liquid.

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