How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Helicopter in 2024?

Helicopters can be an excellent form of transport; they are very direct and have the capability of landing in very small spaces when compared to aeroplanes. Vertical take-off makes all the difference if there is no space for a runway. Whether you need a business charter helicopter or just something for pleasure, you may have wondered what the cost would be. The answer is a little more complicated than you might expect; most charter company’s work out the price depending on several factors, this information you can find here, visit

What Helicopter You are Renting


There are generally two types of helicopter on offer, a single or twin-engine. Twin-engine helicopters are slightly more versatile as they can fly in adverse weather conditions and at night. Some people prefer twin-engine helicopters because of the safety aspect; a backup engine is never a bad idea. They are able to fly faster and for longer distances which is also one of their appeals. Unusually, they are actually quieter than single-engine helicopters. So, you would expect to pay somewhat more for a twin-engine charter than a single-engine option. That is not to say that single-engine helicopters do not have their place. However, they are slightly more restricted as they must fly during daylight hours, and the weather must be calm and clear. Single-engine helicopters are perfect for rural flight, whereas twin engines are preferred over urban areas.

From Where, to Where?


Another factor that makes up the quote you will receive is the amount of flight time. So, this depends on where your departure and destination points are. There is a simple industry calculation that is used whereby various factors, including flight speed, distance, and approximate time are worked out to determine an hourly rate for your helicopter charter. The charter company needs to ensure that at no point are they in danger of running out of fuel or flight hours in order to provide the service to you. Extra charges may then be added depending on whether there are landing fees, and overnight expenses involved. People often think helicopters can literally land anywhere, but particular needs must be met. The site requested for landing must meet the specific helicopter’s performance requirements, and the landowner must have given permission for landing. In this case, if both factors are satisfied, there is a possibility they can land there.

How Many People Are Travelling?


Again, helicopters come in different shapes and sizes, and the number of people travelling will need to be taken into account. Most charter helicopters have a capacity of four to 8 passengers any more than this, and it is rare to find a UK onshore helicopter. However, some companies will be able to arrange for a bigger helicopter to be bought in with advance notice. Another reason passenger numbers are needed is that copters work on a weight basis. The more passengers they carry, the less fuel can be stored. Therefore, depending on how far you are flying a mid-route fuel stop may be needed. Again, this has to be factored in, because stopping to refuel will add time to your flight. It will also change the cost to factor in the extra fuel needed and the time used by the pilot in order to continue the journey.
Details of the Flight

Of course, it stands to reason that the amount of time you require the helicopter for will impact on the price. You will need to decide whether this is a one-way flight, a day return or includes an overnight stop in order to get a fair quote. You also need to specify what date you wish to travel as other bookings will need to be taken into account. The hire company will also want to know whether you are flying day or night. This is to do with the pilots’ hours of duty, and in some cases, airfield or landing site extension fees will kick in at certain times. Some sites only allow standard landings during daylight hours, others will allow night landings, but only once lights have been erected so this incurs an extra fee.

One More Question!


Finally, they will need to know whether they will be employing more than one pilot for the flight. Some clients prefer to have two pilots on board at all times, and this is also a requirement of specific insurance contracts. In some cases, the hire company will insist on a second pilot depending on the reasons and distance you are flying. Adding a second pilot will naturally change the cost. So, the bottom line is the best way to obtain an accurate quote is to provide a charter company with all the information of your intended flight so that they can work with the facts.

Why Charter a Helicopter


Helicopters are chartered for so many different reasons. From a business point of view, it can be advantageous to have clients picked up and collected, or if the schedule is hectic to move between meetings. Socially, many people enjoy flying by helicopter to reach their holiday destination or some other event. Taking a helicopter trip over a favoured city is also a popular choice especially when there is a marriage proposal built into this. When we spoke to helicopter charter companies about the reasons for hire, we also learned that they are hired for aerial filming tasks, movie and film work, and transporting VIP guests discreetly from location to location. Within the UK, you are restricted in some areas to specific landing points. London, for example being such a large and busy city, has a single heliport, located in central London in Battersea. Other than that, private land could be used as explained further up depending on the landing requirements of the helicopter and permission from the landowner. It is always worth checking in advance if you need a specific requirement, as helicopter charter companies will try and do their best to meet your needs at all times.

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