Should You Repair Or Replace Your Old Air Conditioner

A cool temperature in your room or house is precisely what you need during the summer. Having an air conditioner is nothing but a privilege. Traditionally, in order to cool down a home, people would pour water on their terraces. This is done in order to allow the water to absorb all the heat off the roof and create a cooling effect below.

In extreme cases, people used to pour water within the house itself in a controlled manner in order to provide cooling effects. Summers can be unforgiving and relentless when it comes to the heat. Now more so than ever, with rising heat temperatures all around the world, air conditioners become all the more necessary.

Last year, globally, the previous year, 2024, had the highest recorded temperature in all of history because the earth’s average temperature has risen by 2° Fahrenheit since the 1880s. If you want to know more about air conditioners and what to do when they underperform, visit InfinitiAir.

Now, deciding to buy an air conditioner is pretty straightforward. Along with your purchasing power, you only need to make the move of going down and getting one. But what should you do when you already own an air conditioner, but it seems to be malfunctioning? There can be a lot of factors here that can be the cause of the bad performance.

If you’re in a fix about what to do with your air conditioning, you’ve definitely come to the right place.

Types of air conditioners

It is essential to know the types of air conditioners currently on the market and determine which one is yours. Only then can you make a sound decision about what you need to do with your air conditioner.

  • Central air conditioners


These types of air conditioners are meant for effective cooling to all parts of your house at once. This is highly suitable for those having large houses. This is because it is a lot more efficient to get a central air conditioner over individual ones.

Although to have this installed, you will need air ducts in your house through which the cool air will travel to the different parts of the house. The system is made use of here is the ducted system. The drawback to this type of air conditioner is its high power usage.

  • Mini-Split Ductless air conditioners


The most standard-issue types of air conditioners on the market are the Mini-Split Ductless air conditioners that provide efficient cooling without ducts. As the duct system is eliminated, these types of air conditioners help in cooling specific parts of the house in which it is installed.

Although highly energy efficient, it will cost you substantially if you want to install it in every room of the house for cooling. The ductless mini-split air conditioners come with a remote controlled system that allows you to operate them from a distance. There are intelligent air conditioners as well that let you run the AC on your phone from any part of the house.

  • Portable air conditioners


Perfect for camping and adventures in the sweltering heat, portable air conditioners are a highly effective type of air conditioners for those on the move. It has all of its components enclosed inside and hence only needs a power outlet for its functioning and also needs an outlet to let out its air exhausts. They are easy to use and have a quick installation process.

It can be moved from one place to another easily. It requires no permanent installation and can be easily stored. The only drawback about this air conditioner is that it creates a lot of noise while functioning and blocks the lower part of your window if set up in a room.

  • Geothermal AC’s


In reference to the traditional method of cooling one’s house by pouring water on the floor, geothermal air conditioners use the same principle to cool your house down. They make use of insulating tubes that run inside the walls of your homes which are filled with water that is rotated continuously.

This makes use of a cycle wherein cold or room temperature water first flows through the tubes, absorbs the heat, and goes out through an outlet, after which water which is again at room temperature, runs through. Although highly efficient in energy usage, these air conditioners can be very hard to install, and the installation costs are very high.

Repair or Replace?


Deciding to repair or replace your air conditioner can be pretty tricky. The few factors that you need to consider in order to understand whether to repair or replace your air conditioner are :

  • Life span

How long the components of air conditioners last is very important. Replacing and repairing has a high contrast here, mainly because no matter how much you repair an underperforming AC that you have now used for over ten years, it will die out sooner or later. Determining the lifespan is essential to know whether to repair or replace if the AC is way beyond its lifespan. Consider replacing the AC because improving it won’t do you much good. Visit for AC replacement services.

  • Vital parts

Certain parts of the air conditioners just cannot be repaired. The compressor of the AC is one of those parts. If the compressor fails to function correctly anymore, try repairing it first. Compressors are rarely repairable, so if they deem it unfixable, there’s a high chance that you’ll have to replace it.

  • Costs

The cost of repairing or replacing is also an important factor in deciding what we choose to opt. Depending on the extent of damage or wear and tear, you will need to make an informed decision about what to do. The replacement costs for compressors, evaporators, condensers and other smaller components are $2500, $1500, $1700 and $300-$800 respectively. If you don’t want to replace these parts due to their high costs it is okay to try and repair them once. But in case they cannot be repaired, you will have to replace them.

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