Top 10 Technical Analysis Tools for Traders

Modern traders and investors have a problem – there is too much information, so it isn’t easy to choose the most important. Specialized websites and software that allow you to conveniently and quickly get the necessary data have become a real salvation. What are the ways to be aware of the latest news in the trading world? For more information about this topic visit appslikethese website.

Let us examine some of the most popular resources and applications that facilitate the work with assets.

1. Investing


It is a universal portal for all those who work at the stock exchange. In most cases, Investing becomes the first financial information resource that a newcomer interested in trading gets acquainted with.

The economic calendar is trendy. Here, you can see the dates of news releases and results of past events and read related articles, and get acquainted with the historical graph of macroeconomic events.

Investing has many valuable tools: asset charts of foreign companies and currencies, stock screeners, technical indicators, calculators, and calendars. In addition, every day, Investing publishes the latest news from the world news agencies and analytics on technical and fundamental analysis.

Every trader and investor can find a lot of valuable and interesting information for his work at the exchange.

2. Tradingview

A resource for market participants was launched in 2011. It attracts investors with many functions: analysts’ forecasts, trading ideas, screeners, scripts, and chat rooms for users. The most exciting thing on Tradingview is the charts, which have numerous technical analysis tools built-in. You don’t need to install complicated programs in Tradingview. Everything is available in your web browser or the application for traders and investors on Play Market and App Store.

There are three types of paid subscriptions on the website, which give access to additional features of the resource. However, the free version is sufficient to perform full-fledged analytics.

3. Finviz


An analytics platform focused on the American market. In addition to shares, you can find information on futures, currency pairs, and cryptocurrencies here. A screener on Finviz with many filters is very popular among traders and investors. Thanks to this tool, it is possible to find the most attractive assets according to fundamentals.

4. Invest Idei

On the Invest Idei website, market participants can seek inspiration in investment analytics, which are regularly updated. An exciting tool for traders and investors is the Insider Radar. With its help, it is possible to draw some conclusions about the current state of the issuer. “Radar” shows transactions of company management, large investors, and investment funds and asset buybacks.
On this resource, you can not only borrow interesting ideas for stock trading but also earn: the site regularly holds contests for analysts and investors with cash prizes. To become a winner in the analyst race, it is enough to propose an investment idea, which will show the highest return during the contest. In the investor contest, you need to bet on the analysts’ views against them and who has a higher win rate on closed forecasts.

The best apps and resources for traders and investors are not limited to those listed here. Over time, each market participant accumulates a list of platforms where securities are analyzed and selected. Periodically, new information and analytical resources are added to this list, replacing no longer relevant ones. Thus, an investor needs to use auxiliary platforms in his activity and conduct analytics himself. It will save from the need to often refer to other people’s ideas and give confidence in the accuracy of the information.

5. Benzinga Pro


In a world filled with new developments, the best way to succeed as a trader is to keep your finger on the pulse of the stock market. Benzinga Pro is designed to do just that. It provides users with complete analysis along with insider commentary from management.

This is practically all the data you might need to stay one step ahead of significant events.

The service has existed since 2010 and, during this time, has managed to establish itself as a platform for those who are looking for easy access to the latest events happening in the financial markets.

6. eSignal

Charts are an important part of every successful trader’s life. How else can you tell which trend a stock is headed in? How else can you download indicators to set up custom alerts?
eSignal is one of the oldest charting and analysis platforms in its industry. And with their years of experience, they’ve been able to build an effective system. They also provide 24/7 customer support on all business days.

This makes eSignal a great option for anyone who wants to learn the basics of trading. And the best part is that the system built into the platform allows you to communicate directly with over fifty different brokerage firms. So if convenience is paramount to you, this platform can be a great option to use.

7. Bloomberg


The information component is the most important part of investing. Late reaction to changes can cost an investor a lot, so we cannot do without a news app in our rating. The Bloomberg terminal is an indispensable tool for every investment professional, but it costs a lot. The hallmark of the news agency is the quality of content.

All it takes is a free app on your cell phone to access it. Videos, analytics from the most influential investment houses, as well as issuer news and quotes with the ability to add to watchlist.

8. Atas

It software is responsible for in-depth analysis of the market situation and generates all data in a simple format. This software allows you to estimate the trading volume, analyzes the flow of orders for the completion of transactions. Please note, new users get a 2-week free period to use the program, in the future have to pay.

9. Quik


Quik is a totally different type of software as it is an information and trading system. The purpose of such a tool is not to analyze the market, but to provide access to trade on the national exchanges. Here one can automate trading, also get up-to-date information about the market at any time, access to infographics is opened.

10. Transaq

This program is designed to complete transactions on the advanced trading platforms through specific gateways. It is a very useful tool to analyze the market situation, to observe changes in the value of the asset of interest, you can also make forecasts and make transactions online.

According to reviews, this product is suitable for both professionals and beginners. Among the advantages should be noted the Russian-language interface, the availability of a demo version, cryptocurrency protection.

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