7 Best Jobs in Florida with High School Diploma in 2024

You have to go to college to get a good job. Sounds familiar? I bet. This phrase used to be repeated over and over by many parents to their offspring until they turned blue in the face. Nowadays, it seems like experience and on-the-job training have taken over an elite education and high average grades. Many employers now have new criteria that involve your passion for learning and team player attitude. We explored some well-paying opportunities for people without a college degree.

1. Real estate broker

Source: centennial-realestate.com

A high school diploma is sufficient to work as a real estate broker. However, a certificate is needed that consists of taking up a short course and passing the test. The price varies from state to state, but it’s usually a couple of hundred dollars. You can listen to classes and take the test in a few week’s work. If you’re a sociable, pleasant and kind person this is the job for you. The only downside might be that you’ll probably be working odd hours, like evenings and weekends adjusting to your clients’ schedule. Real estate brokers earn on a national average of around $55,000 per year.

2. EMT

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Emergency medical technicians are not required to have a college degree, but they do have to take courses and obtain certain certificates related to the field. On-the-job training is basically non-existent since you get into a grinding machine right if the bat. The job is stressful, tense, and gratifying. If you see yourself as being the first responder helping and safely transporting people, and you have the empathy and compassion as well as a discipline embedded in you, then you found your next career. The average wage in Florida is $8.46, and as an EMT worker, you’ll be making around $16. For more statistics and advice on workers’ rights visit keepfloridaworking.com.

3. Postal Service

Source: tribdem.com

The only prerequisite you have to satisfy to become a mailman is a clean driving record. A high school diploma is quite enough to work in postal services. There are different kinds of jobs you can do besides being a mailman like sorting mail, checking schedules, processing mail, selling services and stamps, and so on. Usually, there are three shifts available, and you can choose one based on your schedule. This is a great job that can provide security for you and your family. On average postal workers make between $55,000-60,000 per year.

4. Criminal Investigator

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If you have some experience in law enforcement this is a perfect job for you. If not, you will be required to obtain a certificate in most states, and a license for carrying a weapon. It takes a few months to line up everything for a successful business start, but it’s not much. The job is exciting and possibly dangerous. Some prior on-the-job experience is needed working in teams with seasoned criminal investigators. No one’s going to throw you to the lions right away, no worries. This line of work demands a lot of working hours especially in the evenings and at night. Think about how it fits into your lifestyle before engaging in any courses. On average, criminal investigators make $60,000 per year. If you decide to have your own agency, income can vary depending on your business model and the number of clients.

5. Medical Billing

Source: apksoftinc.com

The medical field is booming. Lack of trained medical professionals is consistently growing, and this could be your chance to make a steady income. The job itself is not difficult, but most hospitals require a certificate to even step through the door. Not a huge obstacle, don’t worry. A certificate is easy to get by listening to a few classes and taking an exam. It all takes about a couple of months after which you’re all set to start billing. Your job would be making invoices for patients and making sure they are paid on time. Keeping track of the procedures done, acquiring deposits, and making payment plans are also part of the job. Polite attitude goes without saying, and nine-to-five shifts fit into most people’s schedules. The job market is lacking medical coders, so grab your chance. The average salary is $45,000 per year.

6. Truck driver

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Not the most appealing but certainly well-paid job. An impeccable driving record is a must. CDL drivers must follow every single law, zero tolerance for alcohol, and regular medical exams. Hand-eye coordination, reflexes, 20/20 sight, and hearing have to be perfect. Every truck driver has to go through six weeks of on-the-field training driving as a team with other seasoned drivers. After that’s done, he will get his own truck and trailer to drive. They are fully responsible for the safety of the equipment and the cargo. On the downside, a lot of absence from home comes with driving a truck. If you’re lucky you’ll be at home every weekend. However, the pay might make up for that. On average truck drivers make $50,000, and if they decide to buy equipment and become owner-operators, the figure goes well into hundred of thousand.

7. Funeral director

Source: funeralwise.com

A high school diploma is usually not enough and some additional classes are required in almost every state. The certificate is not that hard to obtain, although it can be a little pricey. The job involves managing funeral home, scheduling wakes and funerals, communicating with the members of the family, and managing your employees. It sounds like a lot of work, but there is only one shift, and the majority of work is done on weekends. You would have to be kind, mature, emphatic, and patient since you’ll be working with people that are going through some rough times. Managing a funeral home pays on average $55,000.

These are just some of the job opportunities that you can find without a college diploma. The possibilities are endless really if you have a passion for success. More jobs like a firefighter, personal trainer, and brick mason, can offer you great wages and security. It’s really up to you – where do you see yourself? The key is to be persistent in everything that you do. If a certificate is needed – take the classes, don’t wait. There are many career paths that you can pursue without any special education.

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