5 Best Quirky Online Activities in 2024

As most of us remain stuck at home with limited entertainment options, we crave to experience new things, which may add a sense of excitement and provide distraction during these unique times.

No one can argue that the internet has changed the world, and while most people believe that they know all that it has to offer, it is a fact that no one has seen the worldwide-web in its entirety.

If you are bored and have a connection to the internet, know that there is more exploration to be done. However, because time is the most valuable commodity of all, we have done the legwork for you and listed a few unique online activities below to check out.

1. Enjoy War, Rummy, or Poker Online

Source: yourpokerdream.com

Do you remember a simple game played with a standard 52-deck of cards called War? How about one called Rummy? In a time before computers and smartphones, these two were a useful social interaction tool for youngsters. If you have played and fancied yourself at either, you can play them both for real money on the internet. In 1994, a Nevada-based company called Bet Technology patented War, under the name Casino War. Today, it’s offered on many gaming platforms, as is the software version of Rummy.

If these games are a bit too primitive for your taste, but you still crave some card action, know that poker has made a comeback in 2024? In the US, specific states such as New Jersey allow residents to enjoy some poker at one of the many sites available, which you can read more about at pokerlistings.com. Poker had its boom period in the early to mid-2000s, but it’s back with a vengeance as more people than ever are playing it online.

2. Explore the World Via Google Map Games

Source: pexels.com

Google Maps and Google Street View are such unique and underrated tools. They have most of the urban world mapped out for you, and all you need is a device to see what every city on earth looks like. Thus, it is no wonder that some developers have taken advantage of this unique opportunity and created unique games using this tremendous resource.

GeoGuessr is likely the most famous such title. It began as an app that challenged you to guess a location through a series of random Street View images. Users attained points depending on how close they got with their assumption. Pursuit is a similar product from Hungarian developer Nemesys Games. In this title, you get abducted, and visual cues let you figure out where you maybe are and relate the potential location to friends. Smarty Pins is another terrific option, where the goal is to answer a question and pinpoint it on a map. For instance, the game could ask you – “Where is Italy’s oldest university?”. You must find the answer and place a pin at the appropriate coordinates.

3. Take a Virtual Tour

Source: montreal360virtualtour.com

Yes, thanks to the miracles of modern technology, you can visit some of the world’s most famous locations from home. Technically, virtual tours are not new. Older computer users remember them as options in digital encyclopedias such as Britannica and Encarta, which were popular before widespread internet access became available.

Nowadays, you can visit a museum’s website to take such a tour, or if you see a famous spot or venue while wandering around on Google Street View, know that you may be able to enter it and look around by clicking in its direction.

A digital tour that you should not miss is that of the Vatican. You can step inside the Sistine Chapel and gaze at Michelangelo’s frescos through your mobile or web browser. It’s not the same as being there, but it is close. Other tours that are worth taking include Peru’s legendary archeological site, Machu Picchu, and the Athens Acropolis. The Louvre in Paris is also on the table, as is the Royal Academy in London.

4. Experience Fantasy Stock Market Trading

Source: financewhile.com

Have you ever wanted to learn how the stock market works? Do you have dreams of making it big on Wall Street? If you do, you probably think that you have to go to school to learn about concepts such as indexes, IPOs, market caps, value investing, and more. Well, not anymore. Nowadays, there are many fantasy stock market games out there that let you choose a specific number of stocks as you go up against those of other players. Each one will earn you points based on its performance, and at the end of the game, the participant with the best portfolio, the highest number of points wins.

The whole experience is similar to the real deal, and these games often let you choose if you want to go up against a specific player or take part in a prize pool competition. Those with a keen interest in the stock market will find these games realistic and riveting, while those who do not understand how this sector works will get a free education.

5. Play Vintage Arcade Games For Free

Source: unsplash.com

If you grew up in the 1980s, you know that video game arcades were a significant part of most childhoods. Nerds often argue when did the golden age of arcade video games begin. While there is no consensus, many would agree that it was around 1978, coinciding with the release of two pivotal games, Space Invaders and Asteroids. Once the 1980s rolled around, arcades began operating at full speed, and other iconic titles such as TRON, Defender, Donkey Kong, Pac-Man, and Centipede hit gaming floors around the US.

These games may appear crude-looking and rudimentary by today’s standards, but they have historical significance, as they shaped modern gaming. While back in the day, it would cost you many quarters to play them, today, you can do so for free at websites such as Free 80s Arcade and Arkadium. You can relive childhood moments on these digital versions, or if you are of a younger generation, you can grow familiar with the games your parents played growing up.

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