Should you prepare for the numerical reasoning test?

In a nutshell, yes! But let’s start at the beginning: what is numerical reasoning and why should you care?

Numerical reasoning tests decipher how accurately and efficiently you work with numbers. When you take one of these tests, you’ll deal with everything from graph data and number sequences, to currency conversion and financial analysis. 

Employers are particularly interested in your results as there’s a clear correlation between test scores and job performance. Before you count yourself out of a numerical reasoning test (pun totally intended), read on to find out how common myths surrounding the tests don’t hit the mark at all. 

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MYTH 1: It’s only worth taking a test if you’re good at maths.

It’s true that if you’re good with numbers you’re likely to find the tests easier. That being said, there is such a range of different numerical skills tested – from fractions to division – that you’re sure to find an area you feel comfortable with. As with all our tests, we recommend practicing as often as you can to really get to grips with what to expect when it’s crunch time.

CONCLUSION: Good things come to those who practice.

MYTH 2: The results aren’t important – no one even looks at them.

If your employer has asked you to take the test, chances are they care what the result is. When it comes to offering someone a job, there is always more than one factor at play. So if you get nervous in interviews or don’t feel confident in the way you communicate, why not give yourself the best chance possible at acing the numerical portion of the interview by doing a few more example tests. 

CONCLUSION: It’s never a bad thing to over-prepare. Ever. 

MYTH 3: Once is all it takes.

We wish we could say otherwise, but it’s highly likely that further down the line you’ll be tested on your numerical skills again. Numerical tests are really useful to get a sense of the way someone thinks, as well as their proficiency levels. Employers even use the results to build teams, ensuring they have a great mix of different skill sets that’ll benefit the business as a whole. 

CONCLUSION: Never say never. It’s quite likely you’ll be faced with more numerical testing over the course of your career.

MYTH 4: Surely the results are biased?

It’s natural to be concerned about how your test is marked, and whether there’ll be unconscious (or conscious) bias based on your age, gender or race. We can assure you that each test is marked against the same strict set of criteria. As a result, our tests are considered one of the best, standardized tools for use in recruitment. 

CONCLUSION: Not when you take a test with us. We pride ourselves on our strict and fair marking policy.

Whatever field of employment you’re interested in, ensuring you’re ready to ace a numerical reasoning test is a brilliant way to make yourself stand out from the crowd. So, why not try one of our mock numerical tests for FREE? 

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