Social Media and AI: Understanding the Potential Harm of AI Bots

We live in a world where every new technology is reachable even for the most inexperienced users. That also means that artificial intelligence (AI) is available to ordinary people in many ways. We use chatbots, AI writers, image generation, etc. No one can deny the fact that AI communication tools mimic human behavior so well, especially on social media.

These days, AI is an integral part of our lives. It surely transforms the way social media works, and while there are so many benefits, it’s crucial to understand that it may bring some disadvantages too. Recent research by ExpressVPN shed light on the deceptive practices of AI-generated bots on social media platforms. About 30% of all followers across social media are estimated to be run by bots, and AI has made them more sophisticated in mimicking human behavior.

With this article, we’ll cover some interesting aspects you’ve probably never thought of before.

So, why wait? Let’s get there!

Enhancing User Experience and Engagement

Enhancing User Experience and Engagement

AI bots are trained to personalize the content recommendations, following your behavior pattern. The more data you feed the algorithm, it becomes more and more aware of your preferences and personality perks. The AI bots surely analyze the stored data, so they can curate a personalized feed.

And there is nothing wrong with that. Every AI service is made to do the same. Without the data, they won’t be able to enhance your user experience, providing only general information that may have no value for you. That’s why when you use AI, and you’re aware of that, you give your consent by default. As a result, you get the best possible user experience, as you’re presented with relevant and interesting content all the time.

Changing the Way Customer Service Works

It seems like AI improved customer service a lot, as it’s trained to act according to the customer’s complaints and problem descriptions. This is great for customer support centers as they don’t lose time with easy tasks the client can resolve alone.

How Does It Work?

While working on chatbot development, the creator uses the most common questions and answers them. Also, they teach the bot how to answer specific questions and give recommendations to the customers.

With their ability to analyze queries and offer automated solutions, these bots save time and enhance user satisfaction. During that time, humans handle more difficult tasks, ensuring they always provide top service to those in need.

Expanding the Market Reach

Expanding the Market Reach

Many businesses use automated activities to reach out to the target audience, promoting their products and services. And surely AI bots are trained to analyze large amounts of data and find the best target to represent the campaign.

These bots can identify and engage with potential customers, assisting in lead generation and even running influencer campaigns. It’s impressive but also frightening how accurate they can be in this process. But again, they work with the data you feed the bot, and it follows your instructions.

At this point, individuals may not have many benefits, but any size business can easily run a social media campaign based on what the AI bot knows about their target audience’s behavior and preferences.

Potential Content Sharing on The Dark Web

Everything we mentioned until now sounds perfect, right? But beware that sometimes things aren’t that fine is an integral part of using today’s technology in moderation. One of the concerning issues is the potential for AI bots to share content on the dark web, a hidden part of the internet known for illicit activities.

Don’t forget that AI bots have an automated nature and the ability to interact with users, but they don’t know the person they’re talking to. They’re only able to collect data and give more and more accurate answers based on that. At the same time, they’re pretty vulnerable, as malicious actors may gain control over the bot and access the stored data. Even though it needs a lot of time to systemize that data and learn something from it, it’s concerning that these popular services are so vulnerable.

It is important to note that the majority of AI bots operate within legitimate boundaries, diligently adhering to platform guidelines and serving their intended purposes. But we all know how some service providers don’t pay attention to the security and privacy aspects as long as some AI bot is affordable to them.

Risks for Bots to Be Compromised

Risks for Bots to Be Compromised

Sometimes even AI bots can be a victim of unexpected behavior. That may lead to content being shared in unintended ways. If somehow the bot and stored content fall into the wrong hands or become compromised, chances are someone is doing that on purpose.

That’s why you need to be careful about what you integrate on social media profiles and websites. Be very cautious about the required extensions and always do some background research, addressing the concerns on time.

Unwanted Data Storage

As we explained, AI bots must store a lot of data in order to work properly. While this data is primarily used to enhance user experiences, concerns arise regarding data privacy and security.

End users aren’t really aware of how much data is collected by AI bots but also who has access to it. That’s why the dark web concerns are so present these days.

So, if you decide to use AI bots as an end-user or service provider, you’ll have to learn how to use them properly. That way, you can limit the data storage and adjust the performance according to what you really need.


AI Bots

AI bots are transforming social media offering personalized user experience and streamlined content flow. However, it is crucial to recognize and address the potential harm associated with these bots.

The risks are here, even though we don’t really see them at first. So, balancing between the advantages and potential harm is vital for responsible AI bot usage. That way, you’re protecting your privacy and won’t share your data with third parties, who may use it in a way you don’t really want to experience.

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